Show and hide side panels?

In Dorico 3 you just clicked on the arrows to show and hide the side panels. But how do you do this in Dorico 4?

You click on the arrows?

In Write mode, there are some differences in Dorico 4 compared to Dorico 3. For the left-hand panel, you can click on the button immediately below the Setup button on the toolbar. For the right-hand panel, you can click on any of the panel buttons to hide and show the panels.

Daniel, is this only if the button below the redo button is selected, rather than the keyboard icon?

except there aren’t any arrows!!!

If the popovers button is chosen rather than the panels button, then, yes, indeed – because (of course) popovers don’t have panels…!

It’s also worth knowing that as of Dorico 4, the side areas are now collectively known as “zones”, because each zone might be able to show multiple different panels.

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Yes all very well but how do you hide the Zones/panels.
PS I think I’ve discovered the problem . There are two icons that when selected prevent the panels from closing. One looks like an artists paint palett and the other looks like a qwerty keyboard. No idea what they do as there is no Mouse pointer tool tip help.

That is the icon I was referring to

Yes thanks. this was causing the problem.

Traditionally CTRL/CMD + the 7, 8 or 9 key toggle (respectively) the left, bottom, and right zones. CTRL/CMD + zero opens or closes all three at once.

If you click on the link I added to my last message, it’ll take you to the page in the Dorico manual that explains all the different methods available to you for hiding and showing the different zones (left, right, lower, or all together).

How to select a specific panel within a zone, if applicable, is described on that panel’s reference page, e.g. here for the Properties panel: there’s a bullet point near the top that describes how to access the Properties panel, and for anyone unsure of “how to show the lower zone”, there’s a link to the page about how to hide/show zones at the bottom of the page.