'Show at cursor' Marco (stealing ideas from TH!)

Hi all,

I don’t suppose anyone saw the very intriguing youtube clip from Tom Holkenborg with regards to his general setup?

Does anyone know how to build his ‘show at cursor’ macro, that enables users to have only the tracks currently holding information (midi or audio) to be shown in a very neat and tidy list… Eliminating the need to scroll through hundreds of midi/audio tracks, in search of the 30 odd being used. I like the looks of it, got a very streamlined setup and think this might be one of the last handy shortcuts.

Thanks in advance.

Without actually seeing the video, it’s likely to just be the Track Visibility Agent command, “Show Tracks with Data at the Cursor Position”

Ah sounds about right! Not at my workstation currently, but will investigate when I am. Thanks for the tip. It’s funny, you can spend hours googling the slightest incorrect terms to no avail, you get one line of correct terminology and 1000’s of hits for it… ‘Track visibility Agent’.

Thanks again Steve

Indeed! You’re welcome.