Show audio representation when freezing a track for further editing (and multitrack freezing)

Apart from the most needed Multi-Track Freezing, Cubase could use also the following feature:

  • Show Audio Representation when freezing a track for further editing.

This way, you can move around the freezed clips to align better the instrument. This is especially useful with percussive and/or sound design libraries, because the transient is not close to the beginning of the midi event.

And it’s better than render in place (which should be reserved for sound design) because if you want to change any setting of the instrument, you can unfreeze the track and change it without losing the new alignment.

Do you know which DAW has this feature already (and the multitrack freezing)? Studio One 5. And this feature is MUCH better than having the range tool and the select tool at the same time (which in my opinion is actually a step backwards). This should’ve been mandatory for Cubase 11 (at least the multitrack freezing), so I hope you include it in Cubase 11.5. Or even better, in a free update called Cubase 11.1.

+1. Agreed on all fronts.

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