Show automation lane

Hi there!

The last couple of days i’ve been messing around with alot automation, and i find it kind of annoying to click through all those folders in the channel inspektor.

My solution so far:

  • enable ‘show automation lane when data is written’ in the preferences
  • hit read/write
  • drag parameter -> lane pops up in the channel
  • delete written events
  • do the automation as you please (like send, mute, cutoff in a vst, etc.)

My suggestion:

If you rightklick (or with a keymodifier) on a parameter, like sendvolume, a vst parameter, etc. in the mixer on on a vst pannel, let us choose to ‘show automation lane’ ore something.

This would really speed up my workflow when it comes to heavy use of automation!

Cheers, Tomess!

Been wanting something like this for ages. Ableton/bitwig n other DAWS just show the current parameter you’re working with automatically. Massive time saver.


This is already possible for internal Steinberg plug-ins parameters. Right-click to the control, and select Show “parameter name” Automation Track.

I am sorry but if they don’t update their automation system in the next version I’ll switch completely to another daw. I’ve waited too much for this and frankly am tired now.

Seems true for other 3rd party VST3 plugins I have too (not VST2.x).

Though strangely, no right-click options there at all for Voxengo’s ‘OldSkoolReverb’ VST3 edition for example…

But, VST3 versions of Stillwell ‘The Rocket’ and Boz Digital ‘Little Foot’ and HorNet ‘Sybilia Pro’ amongst others, all giving that right-click option, asked for by @Tomess