Show Automation Toggle in addition to separate Show/Hide commands

Sometimes it feels like I work completely different than the rest of the world.

To me, the obvious choice for dealing with Automation lanes is having a Toggle button, not two separate buttons. This is how Logic works, and several other DAWs. The command exists, as the CC121 can use it pressing both arrows. It’s just that no one has hooked up a Keyboard Shortcut to it.

Please add this.

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No, actually.

It does that when Holding.

But, pressing both buttons without holding on a track that has Automation shown, will hide the automation. At least mine does, I just tried it. So the two buttons together work as a “Toggle” command.

Holding both buttons when all Folders are closed, will do nothing, only if any Folders are open.

Which means they are two separate commands. It’s the CC121 that sends a different command when holding.

I can’t interpret this as anything else than “the same command” / Toggle. If it’s not that the CC121 somehow “know” the Automation Lane’s Show/Hide state and sends different commands based on that.

It certainly behaves like a Toggle at least.

I’m simply saying that they are actually the same command inside Cubendo. – they are not. The CC121 sends a different command when you hold the buttons Please at least read the info I posted before drawing your conclusion.

I don’t know if we’re talking about the same thing:

Yes, holding the buttons is a different command than not holding. If that is what you mean.

What I mean with same command is that short press looks as if it’s the same command no matter if the track’s Automation lane is enabled or not.

I am just saying it doesn’t. The device is tightly integrated, the devs can make it do a lot of things.

This has no bearing on your FR, one way or another.

There’s Project → Folding: Toggle Selected Track, but it only works on one track at a time.

Edit: Wow, mad frame rate in your video!

Alright, so it seems that @ggmanestraki solved the issue, and that the feature “exists”, which also explains the miss-communication.

I had no idea Folding also refered to expansion of the Automation Lanes. I use PLE conditions to toggle Folder Tracks (since I sometimes need to expand/collapse multiple Folder Tracks at once, which is not supported by “Track Folding → Toggle Selected Track”). Anything related to Folders in PLE only refers to Folder Tracks, so I assumed it was called something related to Automation.

So then, Short Press on CC121 is one command, and Long Press is another command.

A regular iPhone :slight_smile: Thanks for the help.

I don’t know if the CC121 can do it for more tracks at once. There are separate commands in there (project folding), for folders and tracks alike, but not all are complete (no toggle, on/off for any number of tracks).

I tested, and no, it can’t, so it seems to just send the Toggle Selected Track command.

For Folder Tracks – as mentioned above – you can create a PLE preset that works for all selected, and open/close multiple of them at once. But that doesn’t work on the Automation lanes.

The “Show Used Automation (Selected Tracks)” command works on multiple tracks, and “Hide Automation” does as well, but there is no Toggle command for that.

Now I removed “Feature Request” from the topic since it was solved for me personally (I don’t need that Toggle command easily accessable for multiple tracks), but it might be something someone else wants.

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I still haven’t found such a keyboard shortcut in C 13. Instead of toggling, I still have to use two commands: Hide and Show

I found it. It’s named completely illogical, but it’s:

Project - Folding: Toggle Selected Track

If a Folder tracks is selected, it will open/close the folder. If Audio, Midi or Instrument channel is selected, it will hide/show the automation lane.

Only works on one selected track at a time, if multiple is selected, the top one will show/hide the automation lane.

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Thanks Snattack for this tip!
I programmed it right away. I don’t think the name is illogical at all, but it should be supplemented with show/hide automation.