Show both treble and bass clef

Hi all!

I’m using electric guitar as a solo player, and would like to see both the treble and bass clef divided by middle C just like the piano staff. How can I achieve that? I’ve found nothing in the layout menu that helps…

Couldn’t you just add a piano player and change the staff label?
You can use the "hide empty staves in Layout options, Vertical spacing category, in order to make it appear only when you use the 2-staves instrument…

Yeah, that’s an option that I’m using. The thing is, apart from the setting you mentioned, I also need to change the VST so that the playback is the sound of a guitar. Thank you.

But, still, I wonder if there’s a one-click button to change the staff.

I am afraid there is no such step. You can ask Daniel if he could consider creating a two stave option for e-guitar. Or wait for an instrument editor that would allow end-user to create its own instrument notation (staves, clef, transposition…)

I’m always struck by how many people want “one-button” solutions for things that are often simple enough to set up and only need to be set up once in a file or template.

I’m sure I have instances where I would wish for it too.