Show channel that are connected to multiple selected channels?


in the mixconsole, the function show channel that are connected to the first channel is great, but is it possible somehow to show channel that are connected to multiple selected channels?

thanks !


Do you mean routing via Group or Direct Routing?

I’m trying to display in the mixconsole every channels settings tracks connected to tracks that I would select.

Would that be possible ?

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I don’t think that is possible.
I also find it difficult to see the practical advantage of such a functionality? Can you maybe help me to see it?

I use a large template to compose.
After a piece is done, Id’ like to archive my .cpr and remove all the track (channel settings track included!) that are not useful to the piece, so that my archived file is as light as possible.

that would also allow me to “import track from project” all the track of thoses archived project without fearing of overshooting the number of channel settings track allowed (which is 256)

also I’d love to have this feature for mixing purpose, to quickly display the channels settings tracks that my piece use, without displaying the other that are not useful for my piece.

Does anyone have an idea for my case?

Again, what I’m trying to do is to display the channel settings tracks where there is sound passing by for a given length of my project, without displaying the other ones.