Show Chord Track in Score?

So, for a future project, I will need to assemble a score from a mockup, and the score MUST have chord symbols in it.
In an attempt to automate this process as much as possible going forward, I’d like to know if it’s possible to import a project’s chord track from Cubase straight to the chord track in Dorico, and if it’s possible to display said chord track in the score, the same way Dorico generates a timecode track (because doing that by hand, eg going back and forth between write mode and play mode would be a painfuly long process).

At the moment, no, you cannot import the chord track from Cubase into Dorico. It’s definitely something we would like to support in the future.

I see. Can you display Dorico’s chord track on the score though?

Dorico’s chord track is generated from chord symbols, so it’s rather the other way around: you will only see chords in Play mode if you have created chord symbols in the score (i.e. in Write mode).

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If you wanted to see only a single set of chord symbols at a fixed position, you could show them above the top of each system (rather than at multiple positions within the system, above set players’ staves).