show composer on each flow

How do I get the composer to show up on each new flow? I have the composer listed in each flow of the “project info” section, but it’s only showing up on the first flow of the sheet music.


Set Layout Options to use the First Master page for the start of each new flow (which must start on a new page); and add a text box with the Composer token in your First Master page;


Add the Composer token/box to the Flow Heading master, and then set LAyout Options to use that at the start of each flow.

Thank you, Benwiggy!

Thank you! This answered a question I was wondering too. I ended up creating a new Flow Heading in Engrave mode that contains a FlowComposer token (since it’s a compilation of short bits of music, each by a different composer), but I am having trouble finding the place in Layout Options to choose this newly-created flow heading as the default instead of the default flow heading. Thanks for any help anyone may be able to provide!

Either edit the default flow heading to have the same frames/tokens or apply a flow heading change using your custom flow heading on the first page in the layout that applies from that page onwards. I’m not sure whether deleting the default flow heading would leave your custom one in its place, but you could also try that.

Thank you very much! This did the trick!