Show current page number out of total page numbers

Is there a way of having the page numbers showing for example “2 of 7” “3 of 5” etc.?

You could modify the default page template. After {@page@} type text in “of 7” (no quotes). You may have to adjust the margin or text frame to fit it in.

Okay, thanks. So there’s not a way to have it change automatically if the length of the score increases or decreases?

There is {@pageCount@} and even {@flowPageCount@} if you need it!

That I don’t know, but I am intrigued. How can a score of say 7 pages change into a score of 5 pages and be the same score?
Edit: Now I see what you mean and I just learned about page count tokens.

Thanks a lot.
For some reason this doesn’t work for me. It just says 5 on all pages.

Huh! It works for me. Did you type {@page@} of {@pageCount@} ?

Aah, now I get it, haha! Great!

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