Show data on track on the group track

Show data on track is a very amazing function,but it can only be displayed on audio tracks and instrument tracks,If this function can be extended to group tracks, it would be great

Group tracks have no data to show (except automation data - which it can show). A group track only passes audio with no visual representation of anything.

are you sure ? how to show the wave form in group tracks just like the audio track’s automation data?group track was nothing ,but when it is used as a bus, it is very useful to display waveforms on its automation data

Yes, I am sure. Group tracks are just an audio “summing” path… No events or clips (data) to show there.

But what we have, is the waveform view in the mixer… which shows what’s coming up, and passes, in realtime as audio is passing through.
It is of no use to me though

When you need to do a lot of precise automation for the group, having waveform display can save a lot of unnecessary up and down, just like on the audio track

The track data shown refers to excisting events/clips on the audio track and arrangement/project page itself.
The problem is that there are NO data (like audio clips/events) to refer to on a group track. A group track is just passing through audio as a part of the signal path and whatever audio is routed to the group track.
So the group track can not refer to anything visual… Sorry