"Show Drum Sounds In Use By Instrument" no longer works

With The Drum Visibility Agent, the “Show Drum Sounds in use by Instrument” doesn’t seem to work on anything except Groove Agent,
it doesn’t seem to work with Halion or Halionsonic - it used to in version 9.0, but no longer works in 9.0.30,

is this something that has got broken with the last couple of Cubase updates ?

or maybe a problem with the Halion/Halionsonic update ?

It works fine for me. Do you have the latest Halion + Halion Sonic update installed?


Yes, using Halion 6.1.15, and the option “Show Drum Sounds in use by instrument” Is greyed out, unless I use Groove Agent, in which case the function works.
It worked on my previous Windows 7 PC, maybe it’s a Windows 10 thing ?