Show durations of bar rests

Is there any way to force Dorico to display regular rests in empty bars, rather than the standard ‘bar rest’? For instance, in a 3/4 bar, it would show three quarter rests, in a 6/8 bar two dotted-quarter rests, etc.

I know I can use force duration to do this bar by bar, but I’m working on a score with many independent time signatures and it would be nice to have Dorico do the maths for me rather than making hundreds of edits.


If you create a measure with the 3 quarter note rests in it you can then copy/paste to other locations. At least that’s easier than doing forced duration. You can also select one of those measures and type “R” for repeat and fill the next measure.

Also, having forced duration on one bar, you can use alt-click to paste it to any number of other bars.

Belated thanks, both of you. Yes, I have used these techniques in the absence of a global preference.