Show elapsed time as default (or assign it to a keyboard shortcut)

Hi there,

I’m wondering if it’s possible somewhere in the settings/options to show elapsed time as default in Dorico. It’s a tiny (like, really tiny) thing. But I just wondered. It’s redundant info for me to see which bar I’m at, I can see that on the music itself, it’s more helpful for me to see how much time has elapsed. I know I can see this info in the transport view, but I don’t want that open. Cubase gives you the option to have two time displays actually (I use this for bars and beats, and then Timecode) which might be a nice addition if it’s not too much work to implement.

Thanks so much


Preferences>play>transport display:

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Boom. Legend. Thanks so much! I couldn’t seem to find that anywhere!

I don’t find that this does what is advertised as described above. The transport display seems to stay exactly the same. Turns out that one must actually click in the display and toggle through the choices. Very nice. Thanks.