Show empty staff before re-entry

I have condensing on and auto-hiding of staves.
I would like to have the empty vlc staff appear on the page BEFORE the music enters.

In general, I’d like to show the staff for an instrument that’s about to enter on the next page to help the conductor anticipate entrances.
How can I achieve that?

Manual staff visibility.

Thanks! This is great!
Doing it manually is the only way?
I feel like my use-case is actually the standard practice in every score I look at. Is there no setting I can tweak?


Not if you have hide empty staves set.

I agree, would be a cool option to have. :slight_smile:

Could you make a few (let’s say 3+) examples?
I’m now wondering if I’ve ignored it because it looked natural or if I’ve really not encountered it.
I had a single gig where the composer wanted this, but nothing more.

Hmmm! Looked through some scores and now I feel like I imagined it.
I’ve been following this practice for years thinking that’s a standard thing but now I can’t find any score that follows this principle

We’re both clearly too tired :smiley:
It’s not something I’ve never heard of, just not found in big old repertoire.

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I have seen it, but not often, and never as a regular practice.

In fact, the times I have seen this, it may have been just to fill a page better vertically, where hiding every empty staff would leave the page too sparse.