Show empty tracks

Anyone know how to set up a command to show only audio and midi tracks that don’t have data on them?

Trying to do it with the PLE but can’t work it out…

Here ya go.

Whoops, I read what you wanted wrong. Change the third line to property is “not” set. Also make sure that the second line is set to “or” and not “and”.

Thanks for that. :slight_smile: Unfortunately I can’t get it to work. If I set it as “property is set” it hides all the empty tracks . But if I set it to Property “not set” nothing happens…

Send screenshots of your LE.

Thanks. I worked it out. The first line needed to be “or” and the second line “and”. not the other way round :slight_smile:

However, my end goal wasn’t quite reached. I wanted to delete all empty tracks but I have some of those empty tracks in folders - which also contain tracks with data on… Using the PLE above, it is showing the folders as well and if I delete those, it deletes all tracks within the folder even if they have data on them and are hidden.

Worked out a bit of a convoluted way to get it to select all the empty tracks and not the folders, however it only seems to allow me to delete them in clumps and after each deletion it selects a folder, so I have to keep running the second PLE and deleting. Gets me there eventually but it needs a lot of hand holding to make sure tracks aren’t unintentionally deleted :slight_smile: