Show end BPM at the start of a bar after a rallentando?

Hello everyone. I’m wondering if it’s possible to show selected BPM numbers within a piece, please, after a rall. or accel. I don’t want the countdown BPMs to show during the tempo change, but do want to see the BPM that’s settled on afterwards on the score and parts. For the piece in question, I’ve imported the tempo from Cubase. TIA.

If you imported the tempo, why don’t you just highlight the last tempo signpost of the rit and make it visible by checking the appropriate option in the bottom panel?

Thank you Robin. I’m not hugely experienced with Dorico still, but after your reply, I found that tempo signposts were turned off. I’ve looked at them, but at the start of the bar I want to show the BPM, the signpost doesn’t show the number I’m expecting :slight_smile: . However, I have just discovered the way to manually input a tempo mark, and I’ll use that for now. Thanks again for your help.

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FYI, there is also a tempo track similar to the one in Cubase that you can use.

Thank you, I’ll check it out!

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