Show fewer inserts

Hello All,
Your help would be appreciated with this one. When I open the inserts in the mixer it takes up more than half of the space because all 16 of them show. Does anyone know how I can show fewer inserts, like 6 or so. I don’t need to see that many inserts. In fact I never need to use that many inserts. I’ve looked in the preferences and toolbars and found nothing. Does anyone point me to a preference setting or mixer/rack setting that can show less or even have less inserts?


Jeff Percival
Personics Recording
Windows 10 Pro v1903
Cubase 10.5.12
Waves v11

Hey Jeff,

See if this is what you’re looking for. This is a feature in the latest 9.5 Pro version. Not sure if it’s available in v10.

Screenshot from 2020-04-05 16-21-40.png
Good luck!