Show flow heading "Never" expected behaviour ?

Hi, when I click on show flow heading -> “never” the result is that the flow disappears from the first page of the layout, but not from the following pages.
In Dorico 2.2 I could get away with it by removing the flow title in project info, now in Dorico 3 I can’t even change that, it switches back by default to “Flow 1” when I click apply. So I’m forced to put a blank space in the field… :astonished:
Is this the expected behaviour? it looks like a bug to me, if a user chooses “Never” the flow information should disappears from every page of that particular layout, not only the first one.
It seems that the only way to remove the flow titles is to change the master pages in engrave mode, but what about Dorico Elements ? How a user that has to produce a simple lead sheet can get rid of the flow information ?

Thanks for your support


Welcome, Leonardo. Is there a possibility that you’re confusing the flow (or project) title in the page header with Flow Headings? They’re two separate things, and the layout optiosn for one can’t be expected to apply to the other.

Leonardo, what do you mean by the “following pages”? Do you mean the tiny header at the top of the page?

You’re correct that this would require you to edit the Master Page, as it’s distinct from Flow Headers.

Edit: oops, as Leo just said. Well of course he did. :laughing:

Ah, ok sorry I didn’t expect they were separate things. There must be a good reason for that, but where is the layout option to remove even the tiny header in the other pages ?
My use case is pretty simple… I use Dorico 99% of the times to write lead sheets for pop ensembles. A file is a song, I almost never use more than 1 flow.
Searching on this forum I found that it can be done by removing the placeholder in the master page, but only with the full version of Dorico. How can a user with Elements produce a simple lead sheet (real book like) without any flow information anywhere ?

At the moment I found the trick of putting a blank space in the project info under “flow title”. But if in a future release they take it out (like it happened in version 3 that checks for a null field) I’ll be basically stuck, and Dorico will basically become unusable for me. It seems unreasonable to have to upgrade to the full version just to remove “flow 1” from the pages :open_mouth:

Or maybe I’m missing something ? maybe there’s another way of doing it :confused:

The header is part of the ‘Default’ master page, which you indeed cannot edit in Dorico Elements. If you set the ‘Title’ field in the flow in File > Project Info to an empty string, then that will cause the title to be blank in the header on subsequent pages.

The “good reason” is that you may want the page heading to contain other useful information, like the name of the instrument/player whose part it is, but that information is probably redundant on page 1 (as it’s probably already in the top left corner).

There’s no good way around it in Elements, I don’t think. You could use Dorico Pro on a 30 day trial to set up all sorts of starter files the way you want them, with full use of Engrave mode, I suppose, but short of that you’re stuck with your workaround.