Show Group, FX, VCA sources in Inspector

Have you seen how folder tracks have a list of contained tracks?

Folder track list

Well, now, what if we had the option to show sources of Group, FX, and VCA tracks in their respective inspector?


Moreover, what if we could:

  • select those tracks (and scroll to view while the group tracks inspector still stays open)
  • re-route existing tracks into the group (add them)
  • re-route existing tracks out of the group (remove them)

Channel Settings window can do this for one source at a time, and for VCA tracks it’s not possible. They (VCA) are not represented properly at the moment in Channel Settings window graphically, and besides that, even though the faders are connected, they see no sources.

Ideally, Group/FX/VCA could additionaly provide a visual representation of the links between them and their sources, either as a colored Letter+Number on the left margin of a track, or by any other clever and lithe means.


VCA’s have no sources

From an audio point of view, of course they don’t. I know that they don’t pass audio. They have “target” faders they move, but sure this is a clearly defined link that could be displayed?

Edit: What about the request? Especially the re-routing part: