Show/Hide all Track Controls


I can’t seem to figure out how to toggle the track controls to the left of the arranger window. I’m starting to suspect that this perhaps doesn’t exist?

I know I can resize it so there is more space available, but I was hoping that this could be toggled, just like you can with the track inspector etc…

Does anybody know if or how this is possible? Thanks!

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n.b.: see P. 535

How presumptious of you…I have read the manual, front and back, I looked at every keyword in the manual for track control, NOTHING in there tells me how to achieve what I asked.

The page you suggested talks about “Strategies…How many voices do I need”. So that is of no help. You know, it would have been much more pragmatic to simply provide the solution along the way…

Wow. I mistakenly gave the page number from the Cubase 6 manual, for which I apologize deeply. The correct page number is 472, the page on customizing track controls.

Though I didn’t say you could do what you asked, I tried to point you to the section of the manual that deals with customizing track controls. which I found by searching in the manual for “track controls”, thus my jesting, which I thought was pretty gentle.

At least I answered your post. The ‘solution’ is to customize your track controls.

Not to nitpick here, but your solution is “no solution”, because like I said, I already read that part in the manual, before posting here. All I really want to do is toggle the visibility of ALL track controls,so when arranging I have more space available.

Either way, thanks for trying, much appreciated!

I don’t actually understand the question, but if what I’m thinking is correct then is it not the little up/down arrows on the left of the mixer you need?