Show/hide Custom playing techniques

You can hide custom playing techniques but how do you show them again?
Normal playing techniques get a signpost when hidden, so you can select and change (show) again in the properties panel.
But custom playing techniques don’t get a signpost?

Switch on View > Signposts > Playing Techniques so you can see the signposts corresponding to the playing techniques. Select the signpost and deactivate the ‘Hide’ property in the Properties panel.

That’s what I did. With a little more investigation, when I create a new custom playing technique it shows a signpost, but for my older custom playing techniques it doesn’t work. These are techniques I created in previous versions. I tried to edit those techniques (like save as default) but this didn’t change anything. Is this something you can reproduce?

If you want to attach a project that reproduces the problem here, I’ll be happy to take a look for you.

A simple example: The vib technique will show the signpost, my custom ‘detache long’ technique shows nothing.
Thanks for checking
Custom playback (810 KB)

try entering something in the popover text field…

Yes, that will help for the time being. We’ll look at making Dorico try a bit harder to grab some text from inside the item itself in future, too.

The shift + p popover also doesn’t find the older playing techniques when entering them, with the new ones there’s again no problem.
Or didn’t I understand the solution?

does this help?

Filling in the popover text shows the signpost, thanks very much.
For new playing techniques it’s not required.

It will be required for any playing technique that doesn’t otherwise have any text in the ‘Popover text’ field in Engrave > Playing Techniques, new or old.