show hide lower zone = scroll Main edit to display region (and more)


you select a region and you want to edit it. either you open the editor you need (key… audio) or now the lowerzone.
concept of the lower zone is for you to do fast edit (you have deeper options in the dedicated editor) or do an edit while still seeing the tracks on main edit window.
ok but problem when you open lowerzone it hides your edited object by “covering it” if it is on the half lower part of your main edit window.
so 1/2 of the time i have to scroll up after opening the lowerzone…

wich comes as a regular problem with most of display in nuendo. (mix windows following selected tracks in main edit always appear on the far left or right of the mix window… you always have to scroll to see surrounding tracks rather then having those tracks displayed in the center of screen (:slight_smile: drives me crazy.) (or open key edit and all your notes are out of display… decades with cubase/nuendo never displaying data IN THE CENTER ! have to build a macro to make it roughly work)

seems not much but add these little scrolls on and on every day for every single time you use the lowerzone (or other things mentionnend above) and it slows down your workflow.
mentioned it several time… nobody really cares looks like…2020… still scrolling :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too. Me too. :unamused: