Show/Hide Plugins in Cubase 8

Yes, i understand there is the manager now and i know how it works pretty well but
in 6 and before we could actually hide or show some plugins from view, i need that
really bad…i have a perfectly valid reason, which is tied to another problem that
i have…using AutoMap some of the plugins show the regular file and not the Automap
one which leads me back to the first problem i have…

Or better to explain, i am a heavy user of Nebula. We have 2 VST Files, Nebula and
NebulaReverb. NebulaReverb shows as Automapped but not Nebula and that is the
on i need. In Cubase 6 you could go in the plugin manager and find out that some of
them were hidden by default. In C8 i have no way of finding that out…unless someone
knows why my NebulaReverb shows as Automapped and not Nebula…they both have
the Automap DLLS.


And also…i can not understand why in Cubase some plugins show both files, Automap and Regular,
some show the Automap only and some show the regular only…WTF?


If you want to show some plug-ins, which are not in the list, check the VstPlugInsBlackList file, which is in the Preferences folder, please. Could be, the plug-in was black-listed.

If you want to hide some plug-ins, use the plug-in Manager.

Try renaming the Nebula.dll with something at the beginning for example “xnebula.dll” and automap this one and see if it will open as automapped.

Not sure what you’re getting at with the show/hide thing as this is exactly what the manager does?

Thanks to both of you.
Martin, i found it, it is black listed, i just remove its name or the whole line?
Grim, not really, the old manager was different, you can just check or uncheck.
Even the blacklisted i think would show up, just unchecked.


Actually that fixed it, just removed the 2 Strings.

Thanks again.

The i button brings up the check mark system for show/hide. Just adding that if anyone else is looking for it, as I was when I found this page.


Do you mean the Activate checkbox? If this is disabled, the plug-in disappeared from all plug-in Collections. Even from the Default one.