Show/Hide tracks on EuCon controllers - A solution.

After some experimentation, I have figured out quite a good workaround that effectively enables you to show/hide tracks on a EuCon controller. Currently this is not possible within Cubase and is a major flaw for EuCon users.

It’s pretty complex to setup and will take a while to explain. I don’t want to spend ages writing it all out if nobody needs to do this but if anyone out there is interested in this then I will post the info. For now here is a brief description of how it works:

You have to program some macros with Autohotkey which automatically trigger the Cubase ‘Divide Track List’ function and relocate your chosen tracks to the upper track list so they appear together on your control surface/mixer/arrange page. The macros are then assigned to buttons on your control surface.

You then have a lot of possibilities for showing/hiding tracks. For example:

Show only the tracks that are currently selected.
Show only VST instrument channels, or group/audio/effect channels.
Show only tracks with data at the cursor position.
etc etc.