Show/hide Voices

This question is for Dorico for iPad OS and MacOS. Hope I’m in the correct sub-forum. I saw no Dorico questions in the mobile app category.

Can Dorico for iPad (or MacOS), show or hide voices? Finale does this, although one voice at a time I believe… When I teach music theory I use this feature so students can easily see intervals between two voices, or see a single voices linear arpeggiation, without middle voices or other voices visually getting in the way. This is an important feature for me. I’m glad Dorico allows “show voice colors” because that helps, but I didn’t see anything about voices hiding.

The reason that I’m not setting up a new document with voices on their own staff is because I’m importing MusicXML files which contain the entire piece of music on a Piano stave, and I can’t stop my presentation to create new staves for each voice, copy and paste, continue, then switch to those parts. I didn’t see a way to turn off voices, but I thought I’d ask before I gave up.

It would be great if when switching to part view, Dorico had the option to go a step further into “voice view” if a staff or stave has more than one voice. Just an idea. Or, when copying a voice to paste it into a different staff or stave, there was an option to “create new staff/part to paste voice in to”. That would be brilliant.

I’m currently on Dorico 4, but will upgrade to Dorico 5 soon. Thank you.

Steve Steele

Yes, but it’s not a single command.

You can hide any noteheads, stems (and leger lines, if needed) using the properties panel in Engrave mode.

If your score already has notes in different voices, just make a selection, filter for notes and then filter for the correct voice. Hop across to Engrave mode and set the properties to hide.