Show/hide zone key commands don't work in MixConsole

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an empty project
  2. Open MixConsole
  3. Make sure that MixConsole is in focus
  4. Hit “ctrl + alt + L” or “ctrl + alt + R” (or your custom key command) (this is on windows, I don’t know about mac key commands)

The zones won’t open/close. The same commands work in the project window and apparently should work in MixConsole as well. Also the buttons located on the top right corner work similarly in both windows and if you hover over them, they both show the same key commands.

I personally would like to use key commands for opening and closing these zones. :slight_smile:


Did you try ALT+F3?


The same thing is happening to me as well, I have both Mac OSX 10.12.1 and Windows 10 Pro, Cubase pro 9
and the key commands do NOT work in the MIX window

Same issue here. key commands for left/right zone won’t work in fullscreen mixer.

I’ve reconfigured extra commands to do the MixConsole, even though they should use exactly the same shortcuts it just depends on which window has focus.

Remapped Mixconsole to AltGr+; for Left zone, AltGr+’ for MixRacks hide, AltGr+# for Right zone
Remapped Sequencer to AltGr+, for left zone, AlgGr+. for Lowerzone, AltGr+/ for right zone

All keys are close together and not mapped to any other default shortcut (to my knowledge).

Would be nice if the shortcuts worked regardless of which window has focus, as long as shortcuts aren’t assigned the same for 2 functions (ie both left zones off one key-combo)

Confirmed here too.


What’s with the shouting in all caps?

The Key Commands for the mixer are separate from the Project page, and they can be found in the mixer section of the key commands.

If they were the same commands, and they depended upon which window had focus, then you would have to focus a window to issue a command. That would add a click or command for someone who is using the mixer on a second monitor, especially if they are using a remote device.

There are numerous easily verifiable problems, many of them focus issues that have been unresolved for years. If you find the following contrary to my issues please let me know.

For users with multiple video monitors and using more than one mix console:

  1. The concept of the key command window showing the last command doesn’t work for numerous functions. Here is just 1 example. On Cubase Project page or mix console page (doesn’t matter if its maximized) click on any 3 of the window zone controls (located in upper right). Now open the key command window. Nothing shows up as a command last used. While I don’t know how many of these functions don’t work, based on the times I wish this function worked 100% I would guess there are hundreds.

  2. Please show a way to focus mix console 1, 2, or 3 on multiple monitors. The only work-around I know of is the close/open mix console function, or maybe sft+tab and cycle through, but that doesn’t always seem to work.

This is exactly the problem I have complained for years, except it doesn’t work as you claim it does or there is a huge misunderstanding. You ALWAYS have to FOCUS the window to get the key command function to work. Choose any KC in the mixer section. If the project page is focused, you are going to have to click on the mix console for focus in order to get the KC to work. Example: KC for “view channel strip” if the project page is focused, it isn’t going to happen. Focus the mix console, and it works.

You can do that. In KC mix folder select or create a KC for “show/hide channel selector” What doesn’t work, as you say is when mix console is focused, in KC folder Winidow Zones the “show/hide left zone” doesn’t work. Those KC’s only work when the project page is focused. Keep in mind with C9 Steinberg created a folder called “window zones” but some of them don’t work in the mix console.

There are just a lot of inconsistencies that haven’t been updated in years probably because of so many updates/upgrades. For example open the sample editor, and try to assign a KC for what is labeled as the “audition” button when you hover the mouse over it. So if you want to assign a KC for audition in the sample editor you open KC’s do a search by typing in “audition” and it won’t show up. But the KC does exist, it’s called “startstop preview” and works :unamused: assuming the sample editor is focused.

Someone needs to go through all this stuff and make them consistent. The longer things go on, the more KC problems creep up. The more users with multiple video monitors and using multiple mix consoles, the more problems. It’s just a matter of time. I whine about this with some reservations because one solution is to dumb down Cubase by simply eliminating multiple mix consoles and that would be tragic.

You are absolutely right. My mistake. :blush: I should have spent more time checking this out, then I would have given correct info.

In addition to that, the labels for the Left and right zone icons are wrong. The left zone in the pic should read Channel Selector.

Hi guys, let me check this whole thing out with QA. There is indeed something weird.

@Ericci: thanks for the repro in your OP

This is fixed in C9.5.0