Show in Finder

Is this “show in Finder” function available in Cubase?
Use it all the time to locate my audio files.

Thanks a lot!

Aloha M,

First I see this is your 2nd post so welcome to the board. :slight_smile:

What do you want Cubase to show you in the Finder?

When it come to the Cubase programme
under normal circumstances the ‘Show in Finder’ command would
just take you to the ‘Applications Folder’ and then hi-light/select (show)
the Cubase app.

if you are asking questions about the ‘Finder’ you
must be a Mac user. Listing your gear in your sig
(hard and software) would be helpful to the rest of us
helping/sharing with you.


Yes I’m new to Cubase and I’m on Mac. Or several mac sin A network.
i like the show In finder command to locate an audio file In Cubase outside Cubase.
Sometimes I work with cues with very long names with a lot of numbers, and a possible confusing and errors.
Then I find it reassuring to have the possibility so use the show in finder command.

Show in Finder is available in Media Bay.

To followup on curteye’s reques

could you kindly take the time to that? Go here:

Hi SteveInChicago now it’s done!
Just now I need this Show in Finder tool. First now I realize that Cubase 7 can put your audio files in ANOTHER folder than the folder where the project file resides. It could be a first timer error, but maybe it could happen again!

I’ve asked for this in the past, for the audio pool, but Steinberg replied with ‘why would you need that’. I explained and heard nothing more.

Every other audio app I use (even itunes!) has show in Finder. Very useful to have.

I do agree.
I’m on a VERY long journey to find my new DAW after bern using Logic. So far: Pro Tools 11, Digital Performer 8, Logic X, Studio One and now Cubase 7.
The support forum standard is certainly of major importance so thanks for your answers.

Your journey ends here :wink:

I have also always wanted Reveal in Finder in the audio pool.

I’m on Windows these days but used Cubase on Mac for years and I’m sure I remember being able to use the Show In Finder function from the Audio Pool (in the right click menu). Is my memory playing tricks? Have they removed this feature?

Hm… I do not remember ever seeing it, but maybe my memory is not perfect. (did I say maybe? Don’t recall. :wink: ) But it’s not there now.

Yeah probably my memory! It’s been 3-4 years since I used Mac as my main studio machine. They really ought to implement that feature on Mac (as it is on Windows) because it’s certainly very useful.

I use this all the time in Ableton Live… It’s a very valuable tool.