Show Key Signature only on first line


was wondering if there is a way to show the key signature on only the top line. Currently it is showing up for me on every line of the page as attached.


The overwhelming majority of style guides and practices require the key signature to be displayed on every line. There are some rare instances where they are omitted (some jazz charts?). There’s no easy way to achieve this, I’m afraid.

It’s definitely not standard practice. I’m not telling you what you what to do, merely explaining why it’s not an available option in Dorico.

As far as I know, your only option is to place the piece in “C,” then manually add the sharps to the first system as glyphs.

It is pretty standard in jazz though. Every one of the Shur “New Real Books” uses that house style, plus all of the older illegal real books. I personally don’t care for it as it’s just a leftover hand copying shortcut that is leaving out useful information, but it is very commonly found. I’d be happy to see this convention die out in the age of computer copying, where adding the key sig isn’t any more work for the copyist, but it is a pretty standard practice in this style that Dorico should be able to handle. (It’s a one-click Document Options setting in Finale.)