Show last touched parameter

To the developers of Cubase

Feature request

  1. Last touch automation revealed.
    The last perimeter that is touch will be available for automation instead of going through the menu or recording automation just to get the lane for the perimeter.

  2. Clip automation instead of clip envelope. (Event envelope)
    Automation directly on the clip done on a track instead of the pen tool. That is not very intuitive a bit fiddly. Chopping the audio into many pieces also is a bit missy for me. That will save a lot of time.

  3. Range secretion tool work on mute and bypass automation. This one is not a big one because you can use the pen but would rather the range selection tool for that task instead of switching tools.

Now if I am missing something please direct me.


Option to switch off lane feature

I would love the ability to switch off the Lane feature in the next release instead of it being default.

FYI: If you want the DEVs to check your FRs you need to create one FR per feature.

I have been asking for “show last touched parameter” to show automation lane since I started with Cubendo.

It seems like it would be such an easy implementation.

But alas, they aren’t giving it to us. The way you have to go about showing an automation lane for a vst parameter is ridiculous.

In Nuendo it is a little bit easier using the “Preview” mode in the automation panel - you assign “preview” to a key command, press the command, click the parameter, and then press it 2 more times, and the lane pops up…but still not good enough and you cant do this in Cubase to my understanding.

I wish they implemented this option natively… Studio one did it so easily as well.

@nogills can you please explain step by step how you did it with preview mode? I do it enabling write on automation and showing automation on selected tracks

Unfortunately I think the preview mode trick is only accomplishable in Nuendo.

Basically you make a keyboard shortcut for the automation preview button (in the automation window Nuendo has) - lets say Alt+A

You would then press Alt+A once, then just click on the parameter you want to automate, and the automation lane instantly pops up. Then press Alt+A two more times to turn ‘preview mode’ back off. Works perfectly on any automatable parameter, although nowhere near as good as how Studio One does it.