Show Me Love

this is an example of a song that did not use midi sounds, well except for one but it’s a background synth that you can barely hear. The sounds came out of a Casio Keyboard and were mixed and produced originally in Cubase 6 then retouched and did some fixing in Cubase 7.

An unusual track, Like the lyrics and the girls voice is charming, I’m not a fan of rap so feel that this part let the song down, but that’s just me :slight_smile:
bit of a breathe of fresh air though…well done. :slight_smile:

Kevin :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

This made me smile in a positive way. It’s fun. It’s quirky. I agree with Kevin that your voice isn’t that of a rappers, but I like the rest of it. The female vocal lines are a sort of Elizabethan/Yiddish crossover (with rap!?!?!) and I like it.
regardless, the song is well put together.

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Never heard a track like this before… Do your thang! :smiley: