Show me the music... (bug report + project file)

Have a transcription of the gospel for Good Friday to be sung. (Nothing fancy, mostly borrowed from another edition but with different simpler turba choruses). At any rate, there are 270 measures but only the first 111 display in the full score. The rest simply doesn’t seem to exist outside of galley view, even though there are no page overrides. This has been entered from scratch starting Monday, so we can rule out any XML weirdness. Passion of St. John (Good Friday).dorico (640.1 KB)

Well, you can ignore this; splitting up that long line of recited text into two double whole notes solved the issue and the rest shows up now. I know that was ridiculously long. I’m leaving this here so you can trouble shoot the bug. Apparently if Dorico can’t render the full line of text on the page it just stops attempting to render anything past that point.

If you contrive to end up with material that requires a significantly greater minimum horizontal span than is available, then Dorico will end up unable to draw that music, as you’ve found. We certainly know about this, and we have an open task on our backlog to do something about it, though it’s definitely not obvious what Dorico could or should do in this circumstance. Glad you figured it out for yourself in the meantime.

Yes— I certainly don’t fault Dorico in this case as I know I was stretching it to its limits in this regard. It’s hard to tell, however, when you’re in galley view, what lines will be too long and which will simply fill the whole stave as intended. I had simply expected that if the text was too long it would just run off the page and I could see and address it in page view (as some of the shorter lines do). At any rate, I’m glad you’re aware of this.