Show meter equations above bars?

Hi all - there isn’t a native way to show meter equations above bars, is there? Like “4 + 4 + 3” above an 11/16 bar that I typed in as such [4+4+3]/16, etc, or else graphically with slashes and triangles and whatnot? I’m a hesitant to just use the meter numerator to show them and I think I’d rather have both the complete number as numerator and equations above.

Sure. 4+4+3/16 should work, right?

Do you mean with a Shift-X?
Edit: Or I guess using the tempo tool would be best if I need to just type them in because it would link to all the parts.

You can create system text with Alt-Shift-X instead of Shift-X.

Using tempo text may not be a good plan, because you can only have one tempo mark attached to any rhythmical position in the score, so you couldn’t have a real tempo or MM marking at the same place as your 4+4+3/16 text.

Also, a tempo marking that Dorico can’t parse resets the playback tempo to quarter-note = 72!

This is great, thank you! Didn’t know about this feature.

Well, I don’t think the last sentence of the quote is “great”. IMO If Dorico can’t understand a tempo marking, it should just leave the tempo unchanged. But it does what it does.