Show Next/Prev Tab Commands broken in Mixconsole Right Zone

This bug comes from cubase 12, but i never mention it yet, hoping it would be fixed in C13, but it seems nobody have noticed it can someone try to reproduce ?:

  • if not yet done : assign 2 keyboard shortcut to : " next tab and previous tab" for the zones
  • open mix console
  • open right zone " controle room/vu meter"
  • highlight the right zone
  • try navigate the tab with the 2 shortcut

result : the navigation occurs, but the perimeter higlight of the tab dont get updated , looking weird and confusing

Thank to report if you have this issue too, if yes, how to report to steinberg ?


First, I wanted to confirm as, after having activate the MixConsole right zone, indeed, the tabs content were swapped, but the tabs display wasn’t following. The two shortcuts defined being :

  • Ctrl + Alt + (Show next tab)
  • Ctrl + Alt + (Show previous tab)

Then , for a reason, I activated the ‘center’ MixConsole area and went back to highlight the right zone again : the result is what we should expect, then : both tabs display and their content were synchronized.

So, at the end, I don’t know what to think of this one : indeed, it seems that there is an issue, as on my end, I actually had to highlight twice the right zone to make it work as expected… :thinking:

FWIW : tested on C13.0.10, Windows 10 Pro 22H2.


Confirmed here:
(@gorimaa please add your system specs to your profile)

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