Show Next Tab

Does anyone know if there are key commands for these four tabs in the inspector (left zone) as well as MixConsole, Editor, Sampler Control, and Chord Pads in the lower zone? I can not find these in the key commands. I can find show/hide left, lower and right zone.

If there are no key commands are there commands that I can make macros to focus on a specific zone regardless of what zone I am currently focused on. I know that I can press tab and it will focus on the next zone and can show/hide zones to focus on them, but what I am after is to always go to and show a zone regardless of where I am in Cubase. So if I am in the mixer I can run a macro:

Project - Bring to Front
Lower Zone


Project - Bring to Front
Left Zone


Key Commands: Window Zones > Show Previous Tab and Show Next Tab is available here. This works in the Project window, MixConsole and editor Windows.

Thanks, my apologies I should have mention that I use those key commands to navigate but I was hoping to be able to depend on a key command to always bring the focus to a specific tab. One thing that I am very thankful for is that at least those commands don’t wrap around to the start again. I love it when commands don’t wrap around because then you can at least program something to go to the start and go three tabs over.

The only problem is all of the commands to show the lower zone or inspector are toggle commands which are great but not so great for making macros that you always want to behave a certain way.