Show note names in step entry

Being a new user to cubase DAW, I noticed when I click on the show note names icon in step sequencer, the chromatic piano keyboard on left of bottom window turns to a set group of notes in a scale. At that point I can’t add any grammatics that are not in the scale. I’m sure there’s a switch in one of the thousand menus that I have to uncheck. Or maybe you can’t show notes in step sequencer. Any ideas of what I may be doing wrong or setting wrong? Thanks in advance.
Michael Warren


Disable the Scale Assistant or at least the Snap Pitch Editing and Snap Live Input of it, please.

Sorry for the late reply,

Thank you. Going to a new DAW after 40 years using another has an almost horizontal learning curve. Happily, I’m seeing a slight crescendo in my knowledge of Cubase.
Michael Warren