Show octave transposing instrument as written in page view?

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a contrabassoon that when written in gallery mode, plays one octave lower than written, as expected:


However, in page view, it does not retain the written pitch and instead shows the played pitch. Is there a way to show the written pitch per. what I wrote in the gallery view?


Thank you

Hi @zaralyyth there must be some layout/instrument definition-settings/overrides that cause this (even if I cannot think about a setting that changes the transposition between galley and page view…, but only with overrides and Concert Pitch vs Transposed Pitch view). You can try to re-assign the Contrabassoon instrument to that instrument: click on the three dots and change it to Contrabassoon. Or better: can you share a cut-out Dorico file that shows the issue?

Check also if there are any overrides in the Clef and transposition overrides… window (richt click on the layout in Setup mode), or any manual changes in the Instrument definition

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Hi Christian,

Thanks for your valiant reply. It gave me an idea to check something, and it turns out it’s because I was condensing the contrabassoons with contrabass clarinets. After removing the condensing, the problem went away:


And here it is with condensing on, the contrabassoons do not retain the written pitch I guess due to a difference in played pitch between the CB clarinet and the Contrabassoon:


Would be great if it could just look like written as one pitch but each instrument plays the proper one.

Thanks for the help, I’ll leave them condensed separately for now unless there’s a way to just show one written pitch for instruments that do not transpose the same… I’ve attached my project file in case you want to try and get it to work. The screenshot is from measure 18/19. In gallery view they’re all written at the same pitch.

1M2.dorico (2.4 MB)

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Yes, you can see the difference in the Instrument definitions:


And thank you for the Project file: I am sure someone will provide further advice.

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Dorico doesn’t have an automatic way of handling these kinds of situations with condensing instruments whose pitches differ by an octave (this also comes up with cellos and basses, for example). It’s something we may add in future, but I can’t say when.


Thanks for confirming that!