Show only in parts

Apologies for such a simple question: how does one show something in a part, but not the score. I’m referring to things like string indications, fingering, etc. I’m sure I am missing something obvious, but I cannot find it, and cannot find it through the Search function(s).

As always, thanks in advance.

Have you tried to input it as text object (shift-X in write mode, in the part) ?

Tried it - but in neither Write nor Engrave Mode is there an option to Show or Hide; the text appears in both the score and the part. If Dorico can’t do this, or doesn’t do this, fine - I’m sure it will be a feature that comes along (there is no reason for the score to contain fingering specific to a part). I want to do this, but also wanted to make certain I wasn’t overlooking something obvious.

Thanks for your reply!

You are right, I did not try it but now I see it does not work…
This could be a nice improvement. I have read in different threads that some users would need to make sure that some things ARE synced in full score and in parts, and that some ARE NOT… And I know our beloved Dorico team is reading, so they might surprise us with a great implementation of such things :wink:

Agreed. There are times a conductor needs/wants to know what string (for example) the composer wants the melodic passage to be played on. Other times, the conductor needs the music, the expressive, but not the specifics of how the player will make it sound.

There’s a workaround: select the item you want to hide in the current layout, switch on the color property in the properties panel, click on the little black square next to the property and in the dialog that opens set the Alpha Channel to zero.

Thanks Florian !
This color property is not shared between parts and full score, that’s right. Do you still have to make sure, in Print mode, that View options is enabled in Annotations, in order to really have those colour properties showing in the end of the process ? Not sure if this is something that has changed with the updates…

I believe you need to ensure that you print/export in colour. The only downside to this method (as far as I can tell) is that space is still made in the score for these (white) objects, whether you need it or not.

Is this something that is in the works for the future, i.e., the ability to hide/show in the parts/score?

Dear R Pearl,
I think Daniel made it clear he did not want Dorico to behave like Sib…, and that hiding/showing would be something related with the musical meaning of the objects, not a mere optical workaround. You can actually hide meters, remove rests (it took some weeks to have this one, but since it caused sooooo many problems a year ago, they decided to implement it quite rapidly), hide dynamics…
Could you be more specific and explain what kind of object you would like to hide ? Maybe some users here could help you, or this could be our beloved developers some good ideas :wink:


Specifically these: string indications (I write a lot for classical guitar ensembles, as well as guitar with other instruments), and fingerings. I have never seen a score for piano (or guitar) with other instruments that had right and left hand fingerings; the parts, however, did. I know that Sib and Finale have this, as I used it in Sib for many years. If it isn’t to be in Dorico, then so be it. I can try the approach that Florian so kindly supplied. Either way, I am enjoying Dorico, and getting to appreciate it more and more.

Thanks - will give that a try. It may be a little tedious if there is lots to block out, but it sounds like a good solution (in the meantime).

You’re welcome!
The color property seems to be available for pretty much all the different types of objects, so you should be able to select everything you want to hide and make it invisible in one go.
Idea: Perhaps a new property could be introduced: ‘Show in…’ with a dropdown list: full score, parts only, the current layout only… Much like it’s already implemented for chord symbols in Setup Mode. Once fingerings are fully implemented, there could even be a global option in Engraving Options for them.

Daniel -

Re-visiting this issue. I know we don’t want to imitate - umm - some product whose name I can’t seem to recall - but this is pretty basic.

The Oboe is doing a solo. I want to indicate that on the Oboe player’s part, but it’s just clutter on the full score because the conductor can see that the Oboe is the only instrument playing.

you can also resize an item to 0%, and then it doesn’t take up space in the layout.

Dear eheilner,
If you input Solo with text tool (shift-X) in the oboe layout, I’m pretty confident it won’t show in the full score nor in other layouts. That’s the difference with system text (shift-alt-X)
[Edit] Sorry, I just noticed I’m totally wrong on that subject too… I will show in the full score too, on the instrument staff. I guess your request makes perfect sense ! Opacity seems to be the way to go… (I understand 0% scaling does not deliver perfect results, as there still is some information drawing where it should not)