'Show output channels associated with MIDI tracks with data' function

Unfortunately output channels don’t have data. Otherwise I could use the ‘Show tracks with data’ function. But the MIDI track attached to that output channel does. It would be great to have an option to thin down the output channels in the MixConsole to only those attached to MIDI tracks with data.

In large orchestral template setups this would be great.


What do you mean by the “MIDI track attached to that input channel”, please?

I get the sense that you’re not using the right nomenclature here and that it will confuse fellow users.
“Input Channel” is referring to an Audio input channel, typically corresponding to a physical audio input on your audio interface. You can’t connect a MIDI track to such a channel, so your post makes little sense.

I am using VE Pro. So the MIDI track triggers samples in VE Pro then VE Pro is connected to Cubase through the input channels as any hardware synth would be. So I realise now that we would have to somehow let Cubase now that these input channels are associated with the corresponding MIDI channels.

Not directly no. But through a hardware synth or some host software like VE Pro, you can. I kind of thought that “In large orchestral template setups this would be great.” would have given that away.

I understand what you’re talking about now.
But just for the record, VE Pro doesn’t use Cubase’s input channels and a hardware synth should ideally be set up as an External Instrument which you then would use with an Instrument Track. Instrument tracks allow you to use “Show tracks with data”.

Cheers, yeah I meant output channels.

But see, a MIDI track has the MIDI track AND the output channel. If I sync the project view to say MixConsole 3 and then do ‘Show tracks with data’, the MixConsole will show all those MIDI tracks which are not helpful when all I need to see is the outputs channels.
We need a "Show output channels associated with visible MIDI tracks’ function.
How is anyone with a 2000 MIDI track template using VE Pro actually mixing in the MixConole I wonder?.

Now I really would like Steinberg to conduct a market research on how many tracks are used in templates.

All you have to do is Google ‘Orchestral Template in Cubase’. That should do it for the market research side of things.
Even if I only used a 100 MIDI track template, there is still no quick way to view the output channels for only the MIDI tracks with data in the MixConsole.

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That’s not quite what I meant. My apology if it came across in a bad way. Market research should reveal how many of your total customers use e.g. 1000+ tracks in their template. Just an example.

Anyway, thanks for the hint to google it. Found some nice videos, which were interesting.

I guess for the required functionality Steinberg would need to add this to their VST specification. VSTplugins are usually black boxes, where the host doesn’t know what’s going on inside. The plugin would need to be able to tell the host about its internal routing. In this case MIDI to audio conversion routing.
Can one MIDI track go to different audio outs in VE Pro?

I think the function “Show tracks with data” works best for the Project Window and doesn’t translate that well to the Mix Consoles.
I utilize a structure with folders on all audio return channels where I can toggle visibility of those folders, synced with the mixer, using Project Logical Presets triggered by soft buttons on an iPad. Those in conjunction with Channel Visibility Configurations across the 3 mix consoles works quite well for me.

Seeing that one instance of the VE Pro plugin can host potentially 256 MIDI tracks and considering Cubase has no real way of knowing which outputs the user has assigned to each MIDI track in VE Pro, I think the only feasible way of this happening would be for the user to manually set the output for each MIDI track in a dialogue of some description.

No, not that I am aware of.

Yeah, I looked into the PLE approach in conjunction with the Channel Visibility Configurations, but it didn’t quite get me to the solution I was after.

It is not perfect. I have to make compromises and workarounds with my methods as well.
My biggest gripe with using PLE to manipulate channel visibility is that you first have to select the channels/tracks and as a result, loose your current selection.
My hopes are that in the future, JavaScript, as it is being introduced in the new MIDI Remote, can be used as an even more advanced alternative to PLE where you could apply actions such as visibility to a selection of tracks without actually having to select them beforehand.

Okay, so you are using ‘Property is set’ in the PLE. Interesting.
I am currently only using a 50+ MIDI track template. And the idea of having to go through and uncheck all the unused tracks in the Left Zone in the MixConsole in order to begin mixing seems very primitive. Bring on the JavaScript yesterday please Steinberg.

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Umm… in the case that anyone knows, what is the purpose of MIDI channels being visible in the MixConsole?. It seems obvious now, the fact that my request is not an existing feature in Cubase, that this is just an oversight by Steinberg.
Again, how does someone with a 1000+ MIDI track template begin the mixing process without 5 widescreen monitors and sh*t tonne of stuffing about?.

Hi @JBuck I’m curious to know if you found a solution/work around. I am in the process of tweaking my template and encountered this same workflow challenge. (I get it 100%). I think my solution is going to be to place the VSTi audio return tracks into folders for each instrument so that I can at least cross reference more quickly. I’m also thinking of updating my naming scheme in order to make searching more closely align, but neither of these solutions are as elegant as an actual baked in feature.

The solution was to spend 7+ hours scripting in Bome MIDI Translator Pro. So now I can just press a button on my control surface called ‘Locate Track’ and then e.g. Trumpets Ensemble and BMTP will send CC data to a Generic Remote which:
a) selects the correct Visibility Configuration
b) opens the ‘Find Track’ dialogue
Then BMTP types in Trumpet Ensemble and hits Enter.

This takes about 200ms.

Great you figured out a solution. Although it sounds like something I might be able to eventually wrap my head around to follow your lead on, I’m not sure I have the bandwidth to tackle it right now. I’ve never used Bome so I’ll have to take a look. Was that 7+ hours to both learn the software or did you already know your way around, and just had to muscle through setting it up to give you the functionality you were looking for? I learned enough Open Stage Control last year in order to create track visibility settings, but it was a long process. (a few hours a day for a few weeks before I got the whole template setup.)

I’d be curious if you had any links to tutorials you followed in order to familiarize yourself enough to make this work for you.