Show patch name in the tracks! request

I am forever typing the name of VST instrument patches in the tracks and parts. Why not simply show the patch name in the track list in the project window, under the name of the track and in the parts?
That way, we can all know what the patch is for any instrument track and if possible click it to make it the track name.
Simple, huge time saver

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For many (most 3rd party?) VST instruments, Cubase doesn’t know the name of the current patch or does it?

Yes, solve that. Maybe VST 4. MIDI 2.

do you know for sure that the spec doesn’t already exist? e.g. fxp/fxb have been around forever but plugin vendor support for it is spotty - so demanding this seems easier than implementing it - and isn’t necessarily something Steinberg can solve for you.

In the meantime automatically renaming all the events on the track when manually renaming a track already exists.

Steinberg has control over VST format, they can do this. MIDI 2 will make this easier too