Show percussion instrument changes in custom kit

Am I right in assuming that instrument changes will only show in solo players and not in a player custom kit layouts?
I’ve been sittin here for ½ an hour trying to find a thread that will help me find out, how to show instrument changes in a custom kit or percussion line. With no luck.

I believe that a kit is considered to be a single instrument held by a player. If you want to show instrument changes, don’t put them in a kit?

Do you mean instrument changes within the kit, e.g. from snare to high-hat, or instrument changes between the kit and another instrument e.g. from drums to flute?

Yes. In this instance it is from crash symbol to susp. cym. to low toms and so on.

In this case use percussion legends.
The purpose of a kit is that it’s a somewhat coherent unit of several percussion instruments, which don’t need instrument changes because they form one bigger instrument (think drum set or a collection of woodblocks). The player is very familiar in these cases with where each instrument is notated, but percussion legends might help guiding.

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