Show player labels on mixed-instrument staff?

Hi, I’m running into an issue with player labels on a condensing staff with custom condensing groups.

Suppose I have a condensing group with Trombone 3 and Tuba, and Inactive Players is set to “Include in staff label”. If Trombone 3 is playing and Tuba is not, the player label “3.” will appear. However, if Tuba is playing and Trombone 3 is not, no player label appears, and so the result is ambiguous.

Is it possible to show the standard abbreviation, “Tba”, for player labels in this case?

Not in the current version, but the forthcoming update will handle this case.

Cool! I look forward to updating the score. The conductor is already very satisfied with how it looks, and I haven’t even spent any time in Engrave mode.