Show rests for keyboard crossstaff notation

Hi, Here I have a keyboard part that notes run crossstaff. Dorico deletes rests of the other staff completely as soon as I shift the notes up. Like in this screenshot.

I’d still like to keep these rests when both hands are empty. Is there any way to get this result like below? This was made in Finale.

Thanks for help!

You can use edit > Paste special > dublicate to staff above

I selected rests and used the function as you said, it didn’t produce anything.

There’s no need for the final four notes to be cross staff. Move them up (alt-N) and the rests will appear.

Okay. it worked. Thanks for spotting the possibility. If you’re aware how to make rests reappear without doing this, I’d be happy to learn it too.

If you edit > Cross staff > Reset to Original Staff you can duplicate them. If you move them up and down first, the duplication doesn’t work.

Why would you want to? Those notes clearly belong on the top staff!

This is probably not the last time I have to deal with cross staff notes in Dorico. Maybe next time I won’t be so lucky to have the four notes with their own beaming there. So it’s good to learn.

I’ll try your “reset to original staff” later. Thanks for help!