Show routing when hoovering over destination slots?

I’d love to quickly be able to see my routing when I’m working in a narrow-MixConsole-setup where the words in the Routing-slots are barely visible or automatically shortened.
Now I have to click these slot in order to clearly read the destination or source.

I think a popup which appears after 1 or 2 seconds when hoovering over a Direct- or Routing slot with the mouse , would be a great and helpful addition, just like Nuendo does when hoovering over the Send slots.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

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You get my vote !

Makes sense and speeds things up.


Since Steinberg already has got this “show info when hoovering over slots in the MixConsole” implemented on e.g. the Send slots, I think it should be quite easy for the developers to extend this a little bit further, and make this hoovering-feature more consistent ?

Niek/ Amsterdam