show seperate lanes for each event in ezdrummer?

this has probably been asked before, but how can i set up ezdrummer to show seperate lanes for each drum component? i click on the ‘lanes’ button but all i get is a duplicate of the ezdrummer track. any advice?

Assuming you mean that you want to split the midi to separate tracks you would highlight the event in the project window and dissolve part from the midi menu.

Ezdrummer will separate the tracks as you want. Here is the procedure for EZD2. Not sure which version you have but the procedure might be similar for EZD1…

Working on an “Instrument” track:

  • Open your EZD2 and go to the “mixer” tab.
  • There, you can choose where each instrument channel will appear in Cubase
  • Choose the dropdown on the 1st channel (the one on the left) and choose “multichannel”. That will assign a separate track to each percussion instrument.
  • Now, when you drag a midi from EZD2 to the instrument track CB will create as many tracks as necessary for each separate percussion instrument in the midi file you placed on the CB instrument track. These tracks will by default be labeled whatever you named the instrument track then EZ2, EZ3… etc.

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