I’m experiencing a major latency error on both Cubase 7.5, 8 and Nuendo.


Create 2 audio tracks
Create 1 Group track

Audio Track 1
input - Audio interface channel 1
output group channel 1

Audio track 2
input group channel 1
output audio interface stereo out

If you hit record there is a significant latency (1300 samples) between recording of Audio track 1 and Audio track 2

Asio guard is off. There are no plugins in the session. Buffer setting is 512. At a buffer setting of 256 the latency is around 750 samples.

Nunedo is adding 1300 samples of latency to go through a group channel. There is no other daw on the planet that adds that much latency and most delay compensate the audio so that it is back in sycn.

‘Adjust for Record Latency’ is set to 0 samples(default). Delay Compensation Threshold (for Recording) is set to 0.0ms

Is there another setting that bypasses delay compensation for Group and FX channels?

If there is not then I fear that delay compensation for Group and FX channels is broken.

The audio source can be anything. I went with an audio click.

Just to be clear: Audio Track 1 is in sycn and when Audio Track one sends to a group channel and then into Audio Track 2, Audio 2 will be out of sync.

Is this during recording, that you’re noticing the latency?

If so, it simply sounds as if you’re monitoring the zero latency of the audio coming in against the audio-interface-set latency that Cubase is honoring via its signal path.

I’m not sure what the issue is.

If you play back the project they should be in sync, right?

There is always going to be latency when monitoring the DAWs output that is equal to the latency of the audio interface + any additional latency any plugins may introduce if their internal latency is greater than the audio interface latency.

But let’s assume there are no plugins, just the audio interface latency. You audio interface must be 1300 samples.

Does that sound correct?

(Also, how about some title-case on that post title. You don’t have to yell, we can hear you fine. :smiley: )

Hello Jalcide,

Thank you for your quick reply and apologies for the all caps title.

Have you tried the Test?

I only have two audio tracks in the session with one group track with no plugins in the session.

First of all there shouldn’t be 1300 samples of latency to bus internally. This is all internal bussing within cubase and nuendo so I I’m not seeing how it should have a full buffer.

My buffer is set to 512 and ASIO guard is off.

Even if internal bussing caused some latency then the asio latency compensation should move the audio file back in sycn.

My fear is that my RME MADI driver is not properly reporting the latency between the buss and the audio channel and so cubase isn’t compensating it.

I should be able to sub mix stems and have cubase calculate the latency and put the audio back in sync right?

Oh, I think I understand what you’re saying now.

Yeah, I tested and it does indeed create a latency situation, as expected.

The group channel will be latency compensated to whatever the audio interface + any preceding plugins dictate.

The live recorded channel will of course not be (it will always be earlier). There is no way around this, it’s the raw physics of it.

What you could do is create an Audio Track that is just for monitoring / routing (not recording) and then use either Direct Routing slots or Sends to route to 2 group channels. This will create your parallel recording scenario in a way that will be fully delay compensated, on equal footing.