Show string and String indicators for fretted instruments

I am not an expert in classical guitar, but as far as I know when we specify the string to be used usually it is because we want it to appear in the notation.
It is indeed very easy to select the string to be used in the Property Panel but the switch to make it appear is at the very end of all the “panels”. Maybe it would be more ergonomic to have the “show” string switch close to the String selection dropdown menu.
So to achieve what displayed here I have to select the string and travel to the end of the options up to the “show” string switch.

I agree though I usually enter the guitar string number from the Playing Techniques panel on the RHS. These always open up at the bottom of the panel when opening a file - I wish it would remember where it was last positioned. (Most of that space is now taken up with barré markings I have created).

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Thank you, tried to insert the string numbers from the Playing Techniques panel but the result is different, I think those numbers have a slightly different use, they are meant to appear outside the pentagram, instead I want them to appear close to the noteheads. I really don’t know if there is a rule for when one should use the tiny string numbers next the the notes or the big ones outside the pentagram.

That’s true - though you can select above or below staff in the Properties panel.
Most of the time I like them below but sometimes I move them up close to the notepad(s) in Engrave Mode e.g.
Screenshot 2021-07-12 at 10.22.41

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String indicators come in two varieties - inside the staff, and outside the staff.

String indicators outside the staff are playing techniques, and have all the functionality of playing techniques - including the ability to have duration and show continuation lines.

String indicators inside the staff are properties of notes, and automatically appear a bit smaller than string indicators outside the staff and also erase staff lines.

I wouldn’t recommend manually moving string indicators outside the staff (ie playing techniques) to appear inside the staff, if what you want is string indicators appearing beside noteheads!

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Fortunately the properties panel has a search function that puts exactly what you want in front of you. If I select a note (or some notes) and type Alt-8 str this is what I see.

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Wow, I didn’t know that!
Anyway I still think that those stringy things should be inside the same box.

Thanks, Lillie, for your advice. I hadn’t been using the small string indicators from the properties panel and had noticed the occasional odd behaviour when moving the larger version around.
However I do find myself moving the smaller string indicators vertically frequently so that the horizontal note spacing is (less) affected. Might that additional action be a feature request?
Also thanks to pianoleo for the properties panel search suggestion. - I had only used the Command 8 and then typed in the search box.