Show tracks with data between locators (only amongs already visible tracks)

Hello, I am using the existing commands for that, but I want it to only show the tracks with data amongs tracks that are already visible and not the ones that are currently hidden
Any tips ? I tried making a PLE


Try coming to the Cubase livestream and ask Greg. The next one is Friday.


Sorry I’m not at DAW right now… Isn’t there a Property “is Hidden” by any chance?

If yes, you could add one more line:

... And
Property | Property is Not Set | is Hidden

But actually, reading your PLE again, it doesn’t make sense. You are searching for a track, which is inside Cycle, what doesn’t make sense.

I use a macro to visualize tracks with data between two markers and another with or without data
I guess you must want to do pretty much the same thing.
Macro with data:
Macro with or not data:
Sorry, these are screenshots made in French.
I don’t think this is possible with only a PLE

I created these macros when I was under Cubase 11
I am now also on Cubase 12
and PLEs with the possibility of adding pre and post commands
opens up so many possibilities
the only limit is our imagination

I made a mistake in the screenshot, it’s « is hidden » instead of « is muted »

But this ple doesn’t do anything when I hit apply

Isn’t « inside the cycle » the same as « between locators » ?

Oh it must be « event » instead of « track ?


But then you all of the Event is empty (if you would have Part is empty, that would mean there is a MIDI Part, but no MIDI data in it). You are not asking for the Track is empty then.