show used automation (selected tracks)


i’ve recorded some volume automation on a midi track but if i select that track and choose ‘show used automation (selected tracks)’ the automation does not show.

it works with an audio track i’ve recorded some volume automation with, just not midi. any suggestions guys?


Open the MIDI in the Key Editor and find the key command for “show all (or used) controllers” (something along those lines).

You need to use your key editor for midi and the controller lanes at the bottom , by default it’s set on velocity

…and automation is different from midi Control Change commands.

But you can display midi CC in automation lanes, check out “CC Automation Setup” in the MIDI menu.

hi guys,

is it not possible to select (click on) a midi track in the project window then right click on it and select ‘show used automation (selected tracks)’ in order to display the volume automation i have recorded, it works fine with an audio track?


Which volume are you talking about? If you are talking about the Output Channel Volume, then that automation will be on the Output Channel “track”, not the MIDI track. If you are talking about the MIDI Volume automation for the instrument, that would be on the MIDI track (or in the MIDI part as CC data depending on how you had it set up.)

Jaslan already answered, but here it is from a different angle.

The answer to your question would be no, not if it is midi control change (CC) data. The controller lanes in midi tracks do not contain “automation” as such.

You can write automation to send CCs to the midi device receiving on that channel too. In this case you would active Write on the track and play in your controllers, and also check out the CC automation setup I refered to above.

Maybe try the “edit in place” function? I believe you can edit CCs with that right in the Arrange window. I’m not in front of my computer to check this though.

hi guys,

the volume i’ve automated which i’m talking about is with the inspector ‘audio fader’ (midi) or ‘channel’ fader (audio).

so when after recording volume automation on an audio track i can right click on it (the track list) and select ‘show used automation (selected tracks)’ then the automation will appear in the event display.

but as for doing that with a midi track the automation simply does not appear when i select ‘show used automation (selected tracks)’.

in order to show volume automation i’ve recorded for midi tracks i have to select ‘show all used automation’ but then all the automation appears for everything in the event display which i dont want.


So, you are looking for that automation in the wrong place. :slight_smile: The track that contains this automation is the VST instrument track to which that midi track is routed.


so its not possible to right click on a midi track and then select ‘show used automation (selected tracks)’ in order to show any automation, this will only work with an audio track?


It will automation on the selected tracks. But if the automation is on a different track, it isn’t going to show.

It shows the automation on the selected track. The fader you spoke of is not on that track, it’s on the VST instrument track.

The fader you are speaking of is shown in the inspector of the midi track as a convenience, so to speak. It actually controls the VST instrument track it’s routed to.

Try writing some automation on the midi fader of the midi track and see what happens.

Maybe familiarizing yourself more with the different track types would help you understand.


thanks for your help guys, nice one.