Show values changes during vertical scaling

It would be great to have a direct display at the mouse pointer of how many dB the volume is being lowered during vertical scaling. If the track is not fully zoomed in and the volume is low, it’s hard to see whether it was 3 or 11db… and then you have to reselect the automation points to check the changes and enter the correct amount, which is a quiet annoying and nullifies the time saved by possibility of vertical scaling…
especially if you only want to lower some elements in volume by a tiny bit in certain parts.

+1k. This has been on my Annual Request list for over a decade.

+1 to this! Only time I know the value is when the play head is in the selected range I’m vertically scaling, which isn’t the case half the time. Would be nice to have a small pop up display similar to when creating a regular automation point.